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The Department of Arts and Science Education was recently created in the Faculty of Education. The establishment of the department became a necessity because of the strong focus of the university on community development targeted at finding solutions to community problems coupled with the report of the 2019 Kwara State government visitation panel to the university which proposed establishing a department for languages and science education. Following the approval of the proposal by the university senate, the National University Commission (NUC) sent in a resource visitation panel in 2022. The panel report recommended that programs in Language and Science should commence. Thus, our first set of students were admitted in the 2022/2023 academic session.


The objectives of these programs at Kwara State University, Malete, include;
A To train highly motivated and efficient graduate teachers in language and science subjects who will contribute positively to the current 9-3-4 system of education in Nigeria.
B To produce graduate teachers in language and science subjects who would lay The basic foundation in secondary schools for Nigeria’s technological emancipation and development.
C To develop teaching and scientific process, skills, analytical judgment, and communication abilities leading to effective teaching.
D To produce graduate of Arts and Science teachers who should effectively apply relevant teaching strategies and skills in their academic specializations.
E To produce graduate teachers who will use their knowledge of educational theories in dealing with classroom problems as they arise.
F To develop scientific and ethical attitudes of accountability, honesty and integrity, accuracy, open-mindedness, avoidance of dogmatism, and positive approach to failure or disappointment in their day-to-day activities and interactions with people.
G To develop moral and spiritual values in the interpersonal and human relations of graduates of Science and Arts education.
H To produce competent Arts and Science teachers who would confidently pursue Postgraduate programs in their various teaching subjects.

Our Work


Welcome to the Department of Arts and Science Education. In line with the core values of Kwara State University Malete, a green University for community development and entrepreneurship, the Department of Arts and Science Education runs twelve programs in four languages and six science education as well as programs in Christian and Islamic religious studies education. These programs are aimed at producing Arts (Language and Religious Studies Education) and science teachers capable of teaching in the current 9-3-4 program. The main focus of these programs is to train qualitative arts and science teachers who should conveniently teach the JSS and SSS syllabi with ease and appropriate knowledge. These teachers will help solve the problem of acute workforce shortage in Arts and Science Education, not only in Kwara State but in Nigeria as a whole.

Olaniyi Bojuwoye Ph.D


The department currently runs twelve degree programmes. These programs also constitute the units of the department. The undergraduate degree programs run by the department include:


Olaniyi Bojuwoye Ph.D (PITT)

Head of Department (H.O.D)
Department of Arts and Science Education.
Email: olaniyi.bojuwoye@kwasu.edu.ng
TEL: +234-816-738-3311

Usman Tunde SAADU (Ph.D)

Senior Lecturer
TEL: +234-803-849-3554

Safi Lawal (Ph.D)


Mr. Babatunde Alabi Alege


Mr. Abdullahi Ibrahim Salahu-Deen


Gbigbadua Dare Abdulraheem(Ph.D)

Email:abdulraheem.gbigbadua@kwasu.edu.ng Tel:+234-803-810-9639

Timothy Kayode Towoju

Email:timothy.towoju@kwasu.edu.ng Tel:+234-803-512-7628

Ibrahim Ali (Ph.D)

Email:ibrahim.alli@kwasu.edu.ng Tel:+234-814-639-7206

Aliyu Kehinde Hassan

Email:kehindealiyu@gmail.com Tel:+234-703-791-6781

Mrs. Sidikat Bola Mohammed

Email:bolasidikat10@gmail.com Tel:+234-805-667-5209

Mrs. Bilikis Kemi Sholagberu

Email:bilikis.sholagberu@kwasu.edu.ng Tel:+234-703-848-5871

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